Monday, 11 January 2016

The Sydonian Dragoon - Done

My favourite model to be released in 2015 by far and now I've finally come around to paint him. Wile the model is not really [that] big for a walker, there are a lot of surfaces and details sticking out making this a long lasting painting project. Also, be especially careful not to break the antenna and various cables hanging out, I might have done that. (Ooops)

Too bad they are not characters, I would easily nominate a dragoon my warlord when fielding Skitarii alone.

Scratched paint detail on all the bone coloured chassis. I tried following the instructions from WD 61 to some degree of success, but with more practice I hope to improve my brushwork with the detail brush.

He got a cool cockpit with a lot of instruments boosting Ld of nearby troops.

The ever growing forces of the Red Planet. Omnissiah be praised!


  1. Oh you bastard!!! The Warhound looks amazing along the Mechanicum force... Now I might have to get one!

    1. Damn, I'll have to get a Reaver then to keep up with the arms race :D (Not that I am not planing to get a Reaver anyway) >:3