Saturday, 9 January 2016

Kit bashing 30K + 40K

First time in ages I do some proper kit bashing. Today I'm assembling my custom Kataphron Breachers and Destroyers from the original GW kit and FW Vorax Battle-Automatas.

 I really can't find myself to take the tracked servitor models seriously, and no way I am going to field them looking like that. The search for proxy models landed on the Vorax which looks beyond awesome. Too bad battle-automatas is a lost technology from the years of 30K to 40K, so


My custom Kataphron are in reality servitors hard wired in to to robot bodies, not automatons. Like the original Kataphron, they living and breathing in agonizing pain just like Omnissiah intended.  

 Now with that out of the way, here are the result:

Kataphron Breachers with heavy arc rifle and arc claw. Om nom nom vehicles. Added a few bits and pieces to try make the look more armoured than the Destroyers given the difference in armour save.

Kataphron Destroyers with plasma culverin and phosphor blaster. Less armoured, but more ranged damage output. Heavy infantry beware!

The entire happy family together. Looking forward to painting them.

Also, picked up this little bundle today. More Skitarii incoming! :D

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