Monday, 30 March 2015

Miniatures at Desucon: Fantasy

The event I'm annually producing and hosting, Desucon: Fantasy 2015 took place this weekend, and with it the first miniature exhibition in the history of Desucon. As this was the first time, there was no rules for the submission ans long as it was less that 20 models. Here are the pictures!

Deathwatch Marine by Trym Vogt
D&D hero character by Grethe Bentsen
Ork Meganob by Birger Vogt
Inquisitorial dispatch by me
Pictures by Ardis Margrethe Gjerding.

With 2350 visitors (mostly in cosplay :D ) it was overall a fun event. In addition to the exhibition  we had wargaming demos, RP-101 and miniature hobby clubs there to spread the good word. With increased focus on roleplay and miniatures/waraming this year, hopefully we managed to recruit quite a few people to the hobby! :)

Friday, 27 March 2015

Kill Team 1.0

Played quite a few Kill Team battles a wile back at the annual meeting of Apocrypha. Being a non-official game, it is safe to say it is not balanced, at least if you go up against anything in terminator armour with anything not wearing terminator armour. 

My team was lead by the fearless and somewhat unorthodox Inquisitor, Violette Tylia. Seregang Mira Ockmann and her veterans entered the campaign as well at a later stage. 

Here are some pictures! 

My initial team

First board layout

Tylia holding a objective marker during "Capture the artifact"

Heretical heretics being heretical!

Marines clinging to cover because their armour save is not good enough.

Heretics sighted!

The second layout, multi story buildings and a underground bunker.

Sniping sniper being sniped by sniping sniprs not being sniped.

Turrets doing turret things to each other.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Old gold

Not had any time to paint lately but just received the last of the items from my recent ebay treasure hunt! 10 Daemonettes and 4 seekers of slaanes, the good old OOP Diaz line. Had to strip the daemonettes using nail polish remover but the seekers were in shelve condition. Think I got about enough stuff for a 1500 pts list now when I eventually get to paint them, hopefully before the new Skitarii codex comes out, I got big plans for them as well. :)

Now I just need to wait for the base pack...

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Porn for the porn god!

So yeah, it happened. I started on a non-Imperial heresy army. More specific, Slaanesh, the fun part of herresy. Army of kink. Not the boring killy killy smash and gore stuff. Going to use mostly non-GW models and stuff from the old Diaz line GW, now OOP. Apparently it is easier to sell gore and violence to kids than kink, hence a lot uglier models in stock.

Here's what I got so far, got some OOP Diaz models and a chariot inbound from Ebay as well!

Incredibly, those models are enough for a 1000 point army. Dunno how well it would do though, but as a Imperial Guard veteran, it feels really uncomfortable fielding less than 50 models no matter how small the battle is. :P

Looking forward to this heresy. :p