Monday, 30 March 2015

Miniatures at Desucon: Fantasy

The event I'm annually producing and hosting, Desucon: Fantasy 2015 took place this weekend, and with it the first miniature exhibition in the history of Desucon. As this was the first time, there was no rules for the submission ans long as it was less that 20 models. Here are the pictures!

Deathwatch Marine by Trym Vogt
D&D hero character by Grethe Bentsen
Ork Meganob by Birger Vogt
Inquisitorial dispatch by me
Pictures by Ardis Margrethe Gjerding.

With 2350 visitors (mostly in cosplay :D ) it was overall a fun event. In addition to the exhibition  we had wargaming demos, RP-101 and miniature hobby clubs there to spread the good word. With increased focus on roleplay and miniatures/waraming this year, hopefully we managed to recruit quite a few people to the hobby! :)

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