Saturday, 12 September 2015

A Prison for Gods - Part 3 - First blood

The air field control tower, main objective

The battle was relentless, the marines came hammering down, having brought with them more artillery than you usually see in a whole battle sector to this one battle. The engagement started with drop pods raining from the skies, releasing squadrons armed with flamer weaponry taking out about a third of the sentinels manpower before they could fire a single shot. The drop pods was also accompanied by land speeders on the flank engaging on the single chimera. The drop infantry was eventually driven off, but at terrible expense. Both the drop pods, still loaded with fuel and ammunition blew up with maximum effect taking out even more of the defenders. The sentries had held the line for the initial assault, but there were more to come.

Reserves finally made it on to the battle field, but to little avail. The marines' anti air weaponry picked the loyalist birds out of the skies one by one before they could do any real damage. The valkyrie managed to disembark the grenadiers before going down, reinforcing the breaking flank. The grenadiers were then in turn countered by yet another drop pod with 2 tactical squads, taking out the grenadiers and most of the remaining forces on the flank. With the artillery pounding again and again the air field strong point, ignoring the covers saves guardsmen cling on to stay alive, the garrisoning forces of once 90 strong, only remnants were left. Even the mighty knight fell victim to the pounding artillery and was finished off by a rouge gunship. The Adeptus Mechanicus will not take this lightly. Emilia Faust too were severely wounded to the continuous shelling and only barely made it off the field with the help of a platoon commander, the only living member left of the platoon. In the end the enemy forces did not manage to take out the control tower, but having sustained severe losses and failed to prevent the enemy in taking tactical important objectives, there was nothing left to do but to fall back and regroup in the adjacent sector.

The battle ended 17 - 8 in favour of the Blood Angles.