Thursday, 31 December 2015

Corruption spreading

I've been painting my Slaanesh daemons lately and at last the basing is done as well! With 10 daemonettes and a daemon princess, I am still 10 daemonettes short of a playable army but I'm getting there. This first batch was a test run of the colour scheme and basing technique, both of which I think works pretty well. The "corruption spreading-basing" got potential for improvement, but as a fist try I'm satisfied. More to come, next on the list is Skitarii.

Daemon princess with daemonic flight and daemonic weapon

Daemonettes with instrument of chaos

Spreading corruption on stone

Spreading corruption on the ground

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Hades is a ageing Malcador 'Infernus' of the 501st recently pulled out of retirement in a dusty storage bunker on the home planet. Though the paint is old and faded, the newly painted slogans are bright and encourages nearby guardsmen safe in the knowledge that wherever the mutant, the heretic or the alien is hiding, Hades' cleansing flames will find them, reducing them to pious ash in a matter of seconds.

Hades is, due to the old and faulty engine of the Malcador class tanks, known for showing up late wile in reserve, and for turning in early wile finally on the table. It is almost like the enemy don't like its presence. Emperor preserves!

Hades was recently featured on Faeit 212, thanks Natfka!