Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Sydonian Dragoons

Got my first batch of the Adeptus Mechanicus force the other day so just starting assembling them. First up was the Sydonian Dragoon, of which I got one model. Quite steep cost for a 45 pts model, but I be damned it's a cool kit. Here are some pictures!

The walker looks quite similar to a motor cycle... with legs. :D I've seen pictures of the model earlier on, but it wasn't until I got to build it that the resemblance struck me.

There's a  guy implanted like a part of the walker, whether he is a mindless servitor or a conscious being is not known. Poor guy.

Fully kitted out with dashboard and control panel, a magnificent way to ride in to battle. The rough riders hate him. 

Onwards, to glory!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Fresh off the internet

Last week random ebay find finally reached home! Sister superior and relic bearer for Adepta  Sororitas. Together with the other sister superior I got to paint, it will be good to be able to field 4 smaller squads instead of 2 squads with 12 sisters. Also, krieg-ish commissar with laspistol, got to convert that to a bolt-tingy. Big + for awesome bases!

Highly detailed resin cast

"New" codexes

Saw some dummy-codexes for star wars units for use in 40K so decided to make a few front pages of my own. :D