Thursday, 12 February 2015

Come the Apocalypse - bio mass vs bio mass eaters

 Apocalypse battle - Concrew

As January came to an end, so did the very first Apocalypse game I was responsible for organizing. After lots of time spent planing, painting, trying to get people hyped, hauling stuff and list making, the hour was nigh for the forces of the living, facing the forces of the dead, so to speak.

A peaceful war zone where the Imperial Guard and Necrons was chilling and taking turn throwing stuff at each other quickly escalated with the arrival of the Tyranids, ready to strip down the system of every and all bio mass. As the nidz pulled out of war travel, effectively shutting down the solar system from the rest of the galaxy, a the Dark Eldar raiding party at the nearby moon felt it crucial to team up with the forces of the Empire to face off the menacing threath. The Dark Eldar are bio mass as well after all. The Necrons, feeling no threat from the Tyranids decided to team up with them to speed up the progress of wiping the living from their tome world. The forces clashed in the ruins of an imperial city

The game:
Will not be recited in detail. Really. We made so many mistakes, me being responsible for most of them. The rule set and shear size of the apoc battle is a hard practice, and few of us could say to be secure of the rules and practices of apocalypse + 7th edition. We'll try again eventually, but after much reading up on the rules, apoc formations ect. Also, I'll make it a point not being sick on the day of the game, my head went full derp half way in resulting in even more mistakes being made. The difference between defeat and a draw came down to the fact that I forgot to flat out a unit the last turn. So yeah, it is important to be able to brain.

Video showing 2 hour compiled down to 2 minutes. In 2 hour we managed to get the troops on the table, playing the first Xeno turn and half the Imperial/Dark Eldar turn. Thanks to Frida for fixing time lapse from the video footage. High ress here:

Thanks to Christopher for the following pictures that I borrow (steal). The whole album can be seen here:

Steady men! HOLD THE LINE!
Veterans makes for great fire support teams with 3 special weapons + HV.
Full table is full. 22K points full.
The saint and the devourer
Fighter Aces battling for air superiority.

Overall, it was fun, learned a lot, but I still got a lot to learn until next time. Cheers!

By the way, Violette Tylia was present but spent the whole battle chilling in a chimera. So much for micro management and independent characters.