Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Prison for Gods - Part 4 - New Commander

As things are not going well for the Imperial faction, a new commander have been brought in to oversee and lead the 501st Foreign Legion. To make sure the force stay on the righteous path, true to the Emperor, the Commissariat found it necessary to oversee the campaign personally.

Introducing Lord Commissar Maxine Fabii

Following the Mothballed crisis mission (of which we lost badly), each warlord taking part (I was using a proxy for Maxine as she was not painted up yet) got to choose one fixed warlord trait that stick to the character. As the imperial seam to lack any strategic plan to date, it was fitting choosing the Grand Strategist trait from the AM codex. Let's turn this ship around!

Skulls! Friend or foe, she shoots both if the Emperor demand it.

Why yes, of corse she does cause fear!