Friday, 27 March 2015

Kill Team 1.0

Played quite a few Kill Team battles a wile back at the annual meeting of Apocrypha. Being a non-official game, it is safe to say it is not balanced, at least if you go up against anything in terminator armour with anything not wearing terminator armour. 

My team was lead by the fearless and somewhat unorthodox Inquisitor, Violette Tylia. Seregang Mira Ockmann and her veterans entered the campaign as well at a later stage. 

Here are some pictures! 

My initial team

First board layout

Tylia holding a objective marker during "Capture the artifact"

Heretical heretics being heretical!

Marines clinging to cover because their armour save is not good enough.

Heretics sighted!

The second layout, multi story buildings and a underground bunker.

Sniping sniper being sniped by sniping sniprs not being sniped.

Turrets doing turret things to each other.

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