Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ruststalkers, Vanguards and 1 year of blogging

More Skitarii done, which concludes my current batch of based and primed models. With this last addition, my Skitarii forces numbers 10 vanguards, 10 rangers, 5 ruststalkers and one dragoon, enough to field on their own without having to bring the knight. I have not yet started on the "start collecting" box, but next up is going to be Cult Mechanicus, taking a break from painting Skitarii now.

One year has passed since I created this blog  and I got to say I am rather proud of myself for keeping it alive through the whole year, even with no more than a post or 2 per month. 40K is a time consuming hobby and during stressful periods, you just got so much time to spend. Here is to another year active on the blog, improvements in painting and more winning.... I hope :) The upcoming new AM codex and a combined AdMech are reasons for excitement, and along with the new codexes, hopefully some new units as well.

With my rather long Christmas holiday drawing to an end I have tried to get as much painting done as possible. This is the result of the last painting frenzy:

 Got to love those transonic blades. Mine are not quite as detailed as the 'Eavy Metal team does them, but hopefully I'll get there in time.

Might have to re-paint this guys some day, not entiiiiierly satisfied.

More special weapons to go around. With the models from the "start collecting" box I'll have 3 of each type to field with 3x 10 man squads.

You will be next, alien and/or heretic and/or chaos spawn and/or other not favourable of the Imperium and/or the Omnissiah and/or the Emperor!

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