Friday, 8 January 2016

Milestone - playable AdMech

Like the title says, I've finally panted up enough Skitarii to field the basic detachment for them. More to come as I still got a lot of models to paint and I'm picking up the "Start Collecting" box tomorrow for the formation and a even longer backlog of unpainted miniatures. :D 

The painting scheme is based upon the Mars scheme presented in White Dwarf  #61 but with a tad darked red tones to match the rest of my Imperial forces.

 The plan is to field Vanguards and Rangers at a ratio 2:1. Got to love the rad poisoning rule. Also, did I mention the Skitarii infantry is the most detailed models I've ever painted? Feels like an eternity just to paint 5 of them.

 The rangers are cheap for a precise 30" "sniper", but offer little more than the precision shot rule, Hence why I'll focus more on the vanguards.

Wasp stripe pattern on the cables are fun, but wish I was able to get them thinner. More practice needed!

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