Friday, 1 May 2015

Skiiiiiitariiiiiii ++

All the Skittarii stuff I ordered is finally here and assembled, woop!

I went with the collectors edition codex as it included both a full tactical objective deck with the Skitarii-only cards as well as doctrine cards and some awesome objective markers in metal.

My total force consisting of 10 rangers and 10 vanguards forming 2 or 4 troops depending on squad size, 5 Sicarian Ruststalkers and the Dragoon I've shown earlier.

Vanguard with Radium carbines. With 3 shots from each gun the chance for rolling a few 6es per round is high triggering Rad poisoning delivering 2 wounds regardless of toughness.

Rangers with galvanic rifles and AT special weapons. The rangers are a sniper squad with 30" range and all of them armed with the basic weapon, galvanic rifle, got precise shot!

I went with Runestalkers for my first elite choice. They can't infiltrate like the Sicarian Infiltrators, but I plan on keeping them close at hand guarding my more squishy rangers and Imperial guardsmen in general. They are also cheaper than the infiltrators and is a pure close combat squad. Armed with 2 transonic blades these guys hit with strength 5 and 4 attacks on the charge. Being transonic weapons, from turn 2 of close combat and on turn 1 when rolling 6es they hit with AP2 as well. Sweet!

Also, got a techpriest engineseer body from my friend Rick ( that needed some improvising to complete the miniature. The power axe looks a little shabby, hopefully I can fix that when painting. Made out of spare parts from the Sicarian kit and tempestus parts.

Also, got a match tomorrow, 6K per team, 2K per player. Too bad my Skitarii forces are not done yet, would love to bring them as allies to guard the titan (like fluff say they do).

Hopefully none from the other teams sees this post until tomorrow. :P

If you do, no list changing!

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