Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Bragging rights and such

So I decided to register my Warhound with the Titan Owners Club. The fact that every titan made by Forge World comes with a numbered certificate proving it is authentic and the production number  makes the titan models a little bit more than "juts another model from FW" I believe. The Titan Owners Club aims to get as many of these numbered titans registered with the site for people to see, and by the looks of it, it works pretty well. You can sort by legions to see different takes on the legion colours which is pretty cool.

Hopefully I'll one day be featured on the Reaver as well as the Warlord list. One day. :3

My entry:


  1. Congrats on becoming part of the TOC.

    1. Thanks, Shadow! :D I said it, and I say it again, I think it is a great initiative trying to make a record of every titan in one place!

    2. My own beauty, Venator Lupus, is featured on the site as well. Her sister will be up there when I purchase my second Warhound.

    3. Lore wise, Warhounds are pretty much always deployed in pairs so fielding 2 of them collaborating should be every warhound owners aim. :3

      I Looked up Venator Lupus, awesome black/grey paint job. I bet it took a wile to get the rich depth and nuances in the grey tones.

    4. Admittedly, I didn't paint her myself. We had a major Apocalypse game coming up and I didn't have the time to get her build or painted to what I felt would be an acceptable standard, so I sent it out to someone in the area who is both really good and really fast with those things. Her sister Warhound though will be done by my hand when the time comes. And her Titan Guard will also be done relatively soon as well.