Monday, 19 October 2015

Chimera rush

Playing a armoured fist army list have been a long goal of mine, and with the recent completion of 3 more chimeras that day is dragging ever closer! :)

I've had these 3 standing on the shelve for an eternity and it was about time they got some proper colours. They are all second hand so not the best of assembly jobs all over but good enough for a cheap tank you aim at having lots of.

I focused quite a bit on weathered camouflage and got to say I like the result a lot better than factory crisp colour. Ought have to re-paint all my tanks now using this technique.

New and old, the old looks like it is screaming in comparison. 

Finding the balance of what is realistic and what is too much is hard when it comes to mud and dirt. I got a large picture book of WWI pictures I use as a reference, imagining my regiment fight on a distant planet with similar climate as the wet winter months of 1916/1917 France. I also tried to simulate sot forming around the exhaust vents but I guess I'm not right "there" yet with that effect.

Also, attempt at glass! Mud mud mud~

Chimeras summoning chaos... or waiting for the wash to dry.


  1. Hi Kaia. How did you do the mud?

    1. Cheers, Drake! Hehe I love making my tanks dirty. The mud is a mix of putty, sand, "warhammer grass" and brown paint. I paint the tanks first to look factory fresh, then start adding the mud, weathering and washing to make them look like they've been in the field for some time. After the mud is applied and dry, I use Reikland Fleshshade to add depth and then a little dry brush on top reflecting the planets colours.