Monday, 19 January 2015

Nobody expects this

The inquisitorial lore is perhaps one of the parts of 40K I find most fascinating, and with the new codex they got a year back it was really tempting including a inquisitorial detachment alongside my standard Imperial Guard entourage. Being a great fan of RPG as well, I imagined a fleshed out inquisitor character that I could include in every list I make as a narrating character fighting different battles with the 501st. Going against the male-only tyranny GW run when it comes to models (despite fluff), I decided I wanted a female inquisitor. Apparently, hentai is the only reference the modelling staff got as a reference for the female body - resulting in models like slanesh worshippers and dark eldar witches, not very inquisitorial. After quite a bit of searching I decided upon the "Vampire Hunter", sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. Fun-fact, for the 40K universe you are better off searching fantasy setting characters instead of sci-fi as the 40K technology is kinda neglected.

Vampire Hunter
Some modification required. As I was aiming at Ordo Hereticus the choice of weapons fell on the condemner boltgun - a bolter with a built in stake crossbow, close to what the model already got. Die rouge psykers! The sword - perfect power/force sword.

After conversion
It took a wile, but I managed to drill away the crossbow, replacing it with a converted boltgun.

Badge of the inquisition
The original necklace did not quite fit the theme and had to be replaced. More drilling. The badge of the Inquisition was mad from light carton with a scalpel. I was really worried about wrapping when applying base coat, but it kept in shape. All coated in black, both the badge and the bolter looked uniform and a part of the model, ready for painting. 

Violette Tylia
Introducing - Violette Tylia of the Ordo Hereticus. Having lost both her parents to the imperial cause before she could eve walk, Violette was raised an orphan at the Schola Progrnium where she in time got to be known among her peers as ruthlessly efficient, perhaps even radical, but non the less fully devoted to the Emperor. Not being accepted in to neither the Officio Prefectus nor the Adepta Sororitas came as a major setback, but shortly after she turned 18 a black ship emerged in the fringe of the system. The ever vigilant eyes and ears of the Inquisition had taken interest in Violette, and they liked what they had observed.

Also, servo skulls!

I'm quite satisfied with the outcome, if anything I would re-do the face. One day...  I think she fits the theme pretty well, and the size (heroic scale) works perfectly alongside generic 40K.

Nobody expected the inquisition!

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